Friday, November 6, 2009

Why would these "Blue Dogs" bark for health care reform?

Why would the so-called "Blue Dog" Democrats support health care reform? I found that a large majority of the so-called "Blue Dogs" aren't in the pockets of the Insurance industry, but a fair amount of them actually have taken large amounts from the industry. Three members stand out in the crowd. Dennis Moore of KS, has taken $49,000 from the insurance industry for '09-'10. Running a near second is John Tanner, TN. He took $47,800. Charles Wilson took a paltry $24,750. All through the list of "Blue Dogs" I saw contributions from Health Professionals. That adds up to a lot of kibble coming from the healthcare industry. The "Blue Dog" most popular in that department is Earl Pomeroy of North Dakota. His take amounts to $98,885. I won't call them all out because I can't really figure out where "Health Professionals" plays out in the big game of campaign contributions. But quite a few had HUGE contributions. But I did want to find out who in the Democrat party had their hands in the Insurance industry pot. The Democrats were not famous in the past for being bought and sold, What is going on today?

How do we lose when we've got the upper hand? Let me count the ways.

How is it possible that the Democrats could allow the Republican party to continue to have an effect on this country? This country was decimated by the Republican party and here we are at the eleventh hour of real change for the people, and we have Democrat representatives who are running scared by politics. Where is the love? Why did these people become politicians? Did they do it to be popular? Did they do it to be told by their opposition that they might lose their jobs if they don't in fact do their jobs? I feel like spitting nails these days because of what I'm seeing. I have been rendered speechless by what's going on here. I can only list the ways I see the Democrats failing to do anything to turn this country around.

1. They let Lieberman keep his committee chair.
2. They don't get in the faces of those Blue Dog Dems who take millions from the big corporations.
3. Democrats love to be in power, but don't have the fortitude to do what's necessary.
4. We may truly be lacking the leadership necessary to get things done. (Sorry Obama, You're looking a little weak right now.)
Oh hell, there are just too many ways to lose the big win. I'm tired.

I really am considering a shift to Independent, but I probably won't participate in the political process any more. I will become what I have always tried to talk others out of. I will be a citizen who doesn't go to the party.