Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Barack Obama Took Another Step

Watching the President tonight gave me the impression that this man knew that he was on the road to calling the American people into service once more. He was calling on us to detach from the institution known as BIG OIL. It was a very risky move. While all the pundits screamed about not hearing the "how" when referring to his plan of attack in the Gulf disaster! They want to know how he's going to stop a leak that cannot be stopped. The screaming was so loud they barely heard his footfalls as he walked out into the middle of traffic. No other President has been able to convince this country to wean itself from Oil. The look in the President's eyes said it all. It said, "Oh, hell, there is no turning back from this." It was a truly brave and unselfish act. He's is on his way into battle and he may not survive politically. Today, it seems to me, that Barack Obama has thrown down the gauntlet to Big Oil. The politicians on both sides of the isle are entrenched, so I wonder where he will find support? The people who once believed in him have become restless and confused about where this country is headed. I keep saying that change is difficult. And it truly does seem that when it rains, it pours. I understood what the President meant when he said that we'd get there. His speech was about the opposite of war. His speech was about life. Big Energy rules the world. Obama has no wealth. Like Lincoln, he traveled the road to greatness without a "Trust". When Big Oil took over the White House for eight years, they started a chain reaction that will be felt for years. Perhaps the only thing Barack Obama can do to flex his muscles is to keep the moratorium on deep water drilling and just for the hell of it, he threw in an energy overhall. That takes BALLS! Either do business with him or stay shut down. I see an idealist, a lover of his country, just doing the best he can.

Is there anyone out there who can see what I see? There is love in this country. If I look for it, I will find it more and more often.

Could Obama really take-over BP?

In hearing all the reports on BP, some thoughts out there in the maze are that Obama should just seize control over BP and do what Americans are expecting. They want America to show its might and move heaven and earth to protect America. It seems now, that some 70 percent of Americans want Mr. Obama to wave his magic, socialist wand and make everything normal again. Being pulled in two directions, our President finds himself between a rock and a hard place. Well, I would like everything to be normal again. I would still like to have a job. I would like to pay my bills on time. I would like to have a country that isn't filled with such hatred and violence. But, I am alive. Thanks for that. I have a great family. Thanks for that. Everything else, is just life going by. There are those who will never get over the initial feeling that Obama didn't do enough. They will dwell on that negative rather than cheer him on in his efforts to do all he can right now. I say, "Good for you, Mr. President." You may not have known what to do in the beginning, but you are learning and that is what I see as the mark of an intelligent person. A person who looks at a situation that is clearly beyond the scope of anything done before, and rolls up his sleeves. He has taken responsibility for this crisis. He has apologized for his ignorance at the start and now his is doing his best to make things right. That's more than I can say for a whole lot of people in this country. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the fat-cats who own this country are sitting back laughing at the nerve of this Black man. He really thinks he runs the country. A quick look behind the curtain would prove them right.